Banyuwangi is at the easternmost tip of Java, and is best known for its ferry connection at Ketapang to Gilimanuk in Bali. This area has a lot more to offer though and it is becoming better known as a visitor destination in its own right. Banyuwangi is also the gateway to some stunning volcanic scenery on the Ijen Plateau as well as the main access point for the Baluran National Park, world renowned surfing at G-Land (Grajagan), and the remote Alas Purwo National Park.

Tourist information

  • Tourist Information Centre, Ketapang Harbour (ASDP), Jl Gatot Subroto, Ketapang.
  • Alas Purwo National Park Head Office, Jl A Yani 108. ☎ +62 333 428675.

Get in

By train

Banyuwangi Train station, ☎ +62 333 510396, is close to Ketapang ferry port, about 300 m to the northwest. Seats on air conditioned business- and executive-class train cars are available in addition to fan cooled economy-class train cars. The train can be ridden from major cities including Surabaya and Probolinggo.

By bus

The main bus terminal is Sri Tanjung, ☎ +62 333 510635, 2 km south of Ketapang port and brawijaya(karang ente) terminal this one is the nearest one to city center. Surabaya is 285 km away by road, and buses take about 6 hours.

By ferry

Ferries run from Gilimanuk in Bali to Ketapang every 30 min, operated 24 hours a day. The journey takes about 45 minutes, although loading and unloading can take much longer. Price Rp 8,000 for foot passengers. The ferry operator is ASDP, ☎ +62 333 413730. If travelling from Bali into Java, there is no need to go into Banyuwangi if you do not plan to stay there, instead take a bemo 2 km north from the ferry terminal to the bus terminal (10,000, max 20,000IDR) from where you can catch onward public buses to Probolingo, Surabaya etc. (train is better way of traveling, cheaper and no scam) If you arrive in the evening and wish to break your journey there are a couple of pleasant homestays available in Ketapang, just a short walk from the ferry terminal, locals can point the way if you don’t spot a sign.

By plane

Banyuwangi’s small airport (Blimbingsari) is located approximately 15km south of city center. Wings Air and Garuda are operating some flights mostly to/from Surabaya (50 minutes).

There’s no public transport to/from the airport. We paid 100,000Rp with the taxi meter on october 2017 to reach airport from city center.

Despite there is an tiny Tourist Information Center at the airport, service is not as good as in the one from city center.

Get around

The main bus station in Banyuwangi is at Ketapang ferry terminal. From there, regular yellow coloured bemos and shuttle buses run into the city (Sri Tanjung bus terminal/Brawijaya bus terminal), and elsewhere in the vicinity. Becaks (horse-cart/pedicabs) are widely available in town.

Most surfers heading for G-Land are doing so from Bali, and transportation to the camps is part of their surf package. You can however reach G-Land independently with a bus from Sri Tanjung terminal to Benculuk (about 1 hour), where you change and catch another bus to Grajagan (about 30 minutes).

You can hire private jeeps with a driver in Banyuwangi. Vital for independent trips up to the Ijen Crater or for exploring the remote parts of the south eastern coastal National parks.

Motorbikes are available for rent at the Karangasem train station. Negotiation starts at 75,000 to 80,000 IDR but it is possible to bring the cost down to 55,000 – 60,000 range.

Another reputable motorbike renter is Tripoli Tours located across the street from the Blambangan Terminal. (Jl. Jenderal Basuki Rahmat No. 77, Banyuwangi)

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